Create Online shop – E-commerce integration with Point of sale apps

Online shop e-commerce integration with POS Apps

This time to digital revolutions with full online mode for work, online shop for handling order customer on your online shop website, and point of sale application online for handling customer on your offline shop. with all in one integration make fast transaction for your shop store or restaurant bussines

With online pos apps you can handle many order type your using for transaction , make easy for customer order from website online shop or with point of sale cashier transaction in your local offline store.

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Integrated POS online is great for support your many bussiness. can use for shirt shoes shop , gadget store, baby shop , pet shop , music shop , food drink shop, restaurant cafe , grocery , toys’s shop , and more..

with using this online apps make easy to controller your bussiness anywhere anytime with multi device platform like android iphone smartphone or windows pc desktop laptop.

This not only online shop but many features can you use to create transaction in offline store with point of sale apps, beautifull website online shop design including animation and video promotion , backend APK make easy to update from your android smartphone, and optional you can use we services with develope front end APK with your developer ID . all in one solutions for your bussiness shop store and restaurant.

develope using many technology with integration one databased make this apps very powerfull for support your bussines, with CMS application software for build website make your easy to create update and delete article post blog or product on online shop website and blogs.

Application point of sale support with barcode system and using full touchscreen make fast for cashier transaction including print out transaction with receipt printer.

Using modern language flutter and dart for build and create native android APK.



This is a modern online shop, not just for using sale online with your website, but you can controller inventori stock management, make variant product like color and more, use a coupon dicount for product, how to order including payment method and shipping , automaticly register when customer order on online shop, billing address for shiping a product, and alert by email if you customer shop on your online shop website.

with beautifull and modern design including group product make customer easy to search product.


Including Website and blog digital marketing media for promotion product and services.

Why you need to update article website blog ??Google really likes websites that update regularly, because Google also requires crawling new articles to update the database on search engines. For this reason, updating articles on blogs and websites is very good for SEO needs, which certainly affects the marketing of your products and services too.

You can update your blog news articles ,so that your website posts can be quickly crawled by Google and will provide the best results for SEO your website and online shop.

Test drive demo for website or online shop click demo button,

Application Point Of Sale Online Web Apps.

Including point of sale web app make cashier faster to create transaction with customer on local offline store, support with barcode scanner for using scan kode barcode product , or use a full touchscreen modern method include image product easly to create transaction on cashier point of sale, connected with receipt print for using print out ticket customer order all in one integration with pos hardware.


APK android include for update and check report details like inventori stock management, income profit detail on your android smartphone. and optional you can use we develope front end APK service for customer download, integrated with your online shop, with develope fornt end android APK make fast for your customer create order directly from APK, and with using we services to develope native apk you can upload APK and APP files on your develope account, with your ID you can insert title and decription on google play store or app store. we create APK and can download and install it on android phone with minimum OS android 9.

Design Modern and beautifull website

Select themes and create your new modern website integration with online shop and APK all in one with online pos solutions. including animation, bonus video for promotion product and services make complete marketing digital .


Include all report details, inventori stock report , income profit details , all in one integration website online shop , application point of sale cashier , APK includes. lets get start with all in one online pos now !!